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With an increasing number of brands (Warehouse Stationery, Digicel and Ripley’s to name a few) publishing meme generator campaigns across their various digital channels, we thought we’d tell you a little more about them, and how they can be used to meet a range of business campaign objectives. From driving fan engagement and social sharing, to inspiring the creation of personalized consumer content that can be used in future marketing activities, meme generators are the perfect vehicle to drive fan interaction.

If you are already a Wayin customer, make sure you take a look in the Experience Library for more inspiration and information. Or if you are yet to sign up, request a free trial and experience it first hand!

How It Works…

There’s no doubt that memes have proven to be an instant Internet hit across the globe. You can almost guarantee they will be shared in the group WhatsApp within seconds, so it’s no wonder that more and more brands have been leaping at the opportunity to incorporate memes into their marketing. Lucky for you, the Wayin platform makes it quick and easy to create customizable memes that your fans will be personalizing and sharing on social in no time.

Meme Generator In Text

Our Services team can help design and build a campaign that allows users to upload their own images and instantly add their own text, which then appears as a pre-designed overlay to create a unique and personalized meme. You can also allow users to add comments and custom messages to a pre-designed image as a way of personalizing it to share with their followers and friends. Submissions will be captured and stored on the Wayin platform, giving you access to data for future marketing efforts as well as having a whole library of user-generated content you can use for brand advocacy.

Whether you are creating a meme for an upcoming event or simply want to quickly jump on a new internet fad, our Services team are at hand to help you get your campaign up and running. From design ideas, development, to testing and deployment, our team will be sure to make your meme as memorable and shareable as possible.

If you have missed any of the Experience Library updates, check out our website page where you will find all the resources you need.

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