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Join Us At Signals 19, Chicago

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Wayin + Cheetah Digital’s combined forces will be officially launching at Signals 19 in Chicago.

Running from September 25-27, Signals 19 will bring together world-renowned speakers, thought-leaders and B2C marketers to share ideas, as well as the scoop on the latest martech innovations.

Here’s what you can expect at our inaugural conference, designed for marketers, by marketers.

The Latest Innovations: Zero-Party Data + Loyalty

Wayin + Cheetah Digital’s joint offering will give you the capabilities to collect first, zero-party data and preference insights at scale.

Zero-party data is data your customer has willingly shared with you, like purchase intentions and preferences to improve personalization. By offering a tangible value exchange, whether that be a promo code, exclusive content, product recommendation or loyalty points, consumers are willingly and intentionally sharing these insights.

Zero-party data allows brands to build direct relationships with consumers, all-the-while engendering lasting loyalty through data management, personalization, user experience, privacy and security.

Inspirational Speakers

We have not just invited industry leaders, but those with a wealth of experience from outside the confines of martech.

Speakers like Paralympian Amy Purdy, who will be sharing here powerful and moving story in the quest to achieve her dreams. Or award-winning Ron Tite, ad writer for some of the world’s foremost brands.
Over the coming weeks we will be adding more thought-leaders and industry champions to our roster.

Signals Speakers

Leave Motivated

As marketing budgets contract, consumers continue to turn away from traditional display advertising and the privacy era makes it more difficult to connect with digital consumers, it’s easy to experience marketing fatigue.

Signals 19 will be hallmarked by quick breakout sessions that will give clear, actionable advice you can take back with you. We’ve created sessions from expert speakers that include real-life client scenarios where our products and solutions have worked. We’re not just giving advice, but backing it up with tangible examples from behemoth brands.

Here are just a few of the sessions:

  • The Augmented Marketer: How AI, ML, and Analytics are Transforming Marketing
  • The Privacy Paradox: Permission Based Marketing in a Post-Cookie World
  • Real-Time, Anytime: Tapping into Mobile Wallet for Always-On Customer Engagement
  • Emotional Loyalty: Turning Today’s Buyers into Tomorrow’s Devoted Fans

Be Entertained

It’s not all work and no play at Signals 19. Hasan Minhaj, creator and host of The Patriot Act on Netflix will be providing some comic relief.

In the evening, we’ll host receptions, entertainment, and networking opportunities for you to get to know your colleagues, relax, refresh, and have fun. And if that’s not enough, sample what Chicago has to offer – The Cloud Gate, Navy Pier, deep dish pizza… and world-renowned local craft beer.


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