Wayin + Cheetah Digital

Cheetah Digital Acquires Wayin

Richard Jones News

I have some exciting news to share today.

Wayin has agreed to be acquired by Cheetah Digital, the world’s largest independent enterprise cross-channel marketing technology company.

Cheetah Digital provides a unique combination of technology, complemented by expert in-house professional services that helps marketers manage the breadth of data they possess and to deliver on the complex channel execution required to create lasting customer relationships.

When we founded EngageSciences in the UK nearly 9 years ago, our vision was to create a technology platform to help marketers truly engage consumers in return for their data and marketing opt-ins. Our journey led us to a merger with Wayin, which helped us provide our customers with the tools to deliver authentic interactive experiences across every digital channel.

We have always strived to be ahead of the curve. Helping marketers deliver engaging interactive experiences as an antidote to the rise in ad blocking tech and drop in click-through rates for digital ads. Then championing the first- and zero-party data economy long before the Cambridge Analytica scandal led to the enactment of global privacy legislation and moves away from the use of third-party data sets. We have always believed in building meaningful connections with consumers, where there is a true value exchange in return for engagement and data, establishing direct relationships that last the course of time.

And it’s with that in mind, that we take on this next stage of our evolution.

Wayin has been hallmarked by our customers for stripping production costs, driving ROI, boosting campaign results and helping marketers collect huge amounts of actionable consumer data at scale. Most importantly this data is willingly and knowingly shared by consumers to brands, allowing marketers to deliver personalized marketing in a transparent and mutually beneficial way. Culminating in over 2 billion data records collected for our customers in the last few years alone.

Fast-forward to today, and that’s why we’ve become Wayin, a Cheetah Digital Company – to truly allow us to serve our customers better, provide more resources, touchpoints and accelerate our vision faster. And we believe the biggest beneficiary will be you, our customers.

Cheetah Digital has a 20 year track record of helping build meaningful relationships between brands and consumers. A mission shared here at Wayin, facilitating honest and mutually-beneficial relationships between brands and consumers. Our joint forces will be a truly global enterprise with employees in 26 offices across 13 countries. Cheetah Digital is dedicated to marketers and so are we at Wayin. It’s a perfect match.

“Wayin is the leader in helping marketers acquire opted-in data at scale, and now combined with our enterprise cross-channel marketing platform, marketers are able to put that data to work in real-time with hyper-personalized experiences across all channels.” Sameer Kazi, CEO, Cheetah Digital.

Hear more from Cheetah Digital CEO, Sameer Kazi here

So what’s going to change?

Well, it will continue to be business as usual, but better. Increased resources, extra people to help, more expertise, product updates and innovation. More of all the good stuff. We will continue our customer first approach, serving you with great products and services.

Thank you. The best is yet to come.

Wayin, A Cheetah Digital Company