Wayin and EngageSciences acquisition

Wayin Brand Campaign Experiences: Introducing a New Era

Richard JonesLast Updated: News

Today, as the news is shared about Wayin and EngageSciences joining forces, I wanted to share a little bit on how as a company we got to this point, and what the future now looks like for our customers, employees and partners.

When myself, Lee and Iain started up EngageSciences I always knew it had huge potential. We had seen through working for many years in the web content management industry that marketers didn’t have the tools to build the kind of temporary, interactive and social experiences that marketers typically wanted to support their campaigns and product launches. That’s why so many campaign destinations were being built off-domain as microsites or social apps by agencies coding everything from scratch and at great cost. We thought this was pure madness. But the CIOs weren’t providing what CMOs needed in a social and mobile world and brand websites were dull affairs built on clunky content managements systems designed to constrain creativity, focused on auditing and workflow.

Fast forward 6 years and EngageSciences is merging with Wayin, a company co-founded and chaired by Scott McNealy. Scott was the former Co-Founder and CEO of Sun Microsystems, one of a handful of people that really built Silicon Valley in the 80s and 90s. It’s not often you can have dinner with a guy who can recount stories of partnering with Steve Jobs and upsetting Bill Gates!


Scott is someone that the CIOs of the world take notice of and I look forward to working with him to help IS departments have the tools to meet the marketing department’s requirements for building campaign destinations that excite and engage across all digital channels. Up until now, our customers have nearly always been senior marketers and heads of digital, so finally we might actually be able to ‘cross the Rubicon’ and have IS teams take the lead and deploy our platform in support of their marketing brethren to stop the madness – saving digital production costs, reducing lead times and increasing results.

Whatever department takes the lead at bringing us into an organisation, the new platform that this merger delivers is an exciting proposition for brands, agencies and publishers. Combining forces with Wayin creates an Enterprise marketing technology integrating real-time, digital campaigns and data capture. Our platform will give marketers the ability to:

  • Gain Audience Insights : Surface audience interests, behaviors and real-time market trends to drive creation of timely, relevant campaigns designed to drive an intended action
  • Create Participatory Campaigns<: Launch digital marketing campaigns based on actual audience interests that build trust, promote loyalty and capture first-party data
  • Measure Performance and Capture Data: Measure the impact of campaign experiences and harness data for future marketing activities

PlaceIt - Election Campaign

Wayin’s technology interrogates 700m+ pieces of social data a day to deliver insights, data and metrics to marketers, with the ability to then display that across their campaign pages in really cool ways

The past five years have been a mix of late nights and early mornings, highs and lows, mistakes and great ideas with the end result being a platform and team which I am hugely proud of. Without taking any venture capital financing we have grown exponentially over the past 5 years. We have also been a true Software as a Service marketing tech company, not an agency selling tech services, the best of British software engineering talent, creating an enterprise platform that has been adopted by the cream of global brands and publishers. One in fourteen people on the planet have entered into an EngageSciences campaign. With the support and guidance of Scott McNealy, we aim to make that 1 in 7 within the next year.

From today, EngageSciences customers will be able to leverage the social insights and visualization functionality of the Wayin platform. Mix that with the digital campaigns and data capture that the EngageSciences platform offers and you have the perfect mix of tools the modern-day marketer needs to deliver authentic campaign experiences across all digital properties. We have increased our headcount to over 100 employees over night and the combined company has a dominant position in its field in both the US and Europe, with a growing business in AsiaPac.

The future looks bright for our customers, employees and shareholders. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this far. It’s been a partnership with our customers from the beginning and that won’t change.