Wayin Continues Growth with $15.4 Million in New Funding

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A Message From Scott McNealy, Wayin CEO

Today Wayin announced $15.4 million in new funding from a variety of influential investors in the technology community. While the news is thrilling and marks a significant step forward in our continued growth—it’s not the real reason I wanted to write this note.

I want to talk to you about what comes next.

Real-time digital marketing is at a critical tipping point. It’s no longer just a part of a marketing campaign strategy; it’s becoming imperative as its own product category. We’ve seen firsthand how Wayin’s marketing platform can help big-name brands like Walgreens, MLB, The Weather Channel, Logitech, Blizzard Entertainment and Mashable to not only discover the best social media content, but also use it to persuade consumers and drive real results.

With this new round of funding, we’ll continue to expand our capabilities, most notably by expanding our engineering department and increasing creative talent headcount for Wayin Studio services. Working side by side with the technical, creative and strategic experts in our Client Studio, marketers can leverage the persuasive power of user-generated content and help drive bottom-line business goals.

What does this look like from a product standpoint? In the near future marketers can look forward to innovations in Wayin’s real-time digital marketing platform such as:

  • Success measurement and optimization
  • Expansions on visual options such as leaderboards, sentiment, topics and more
  • Expanded rights facilitation and management
  • Language support for Japanese and Chinese
  • Deeper social intelligence
  • More partner and system integrations

We look forward to continuing to expand our technology and services to meet the evolving needs of today’s modern marketers—alongside our growing family of investors, customers and employees.

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