Wayin Launches New Integration with Twitter’s Collections API

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For years, brands and media companies have acknowledged the power of user-generated content from Twitter to enhance brand storytelling and breaking news coverage. But finding, organizing and distributing the best selected content from the high volume of Tweets published has been a challenge for most companies.

Today at Twitter’s annual Flight conference, Twitter announced its dedication to making the curation and distribution of quality content easier for brands and media companies with the introduction of the Twitter Collections API. Wayin is excited to be one of the five launch partners to offer the service through our platform.

As a member of the Twitter Official Partner Program, we continue to focus on partnership collaborations and integrations that help businesses achieve better results with Twitter content, and distribution of this content is increasingly just as important and powerful off network as it is on the Twitter platform. “Wayin makes it easy for their clients to build the best stories and grow their audiences as a result. We’re excited to have Wayin as a launch partner for our new Collections API and can’t wait to see the awesome experiences that their customers build with this powerful new functionality,” said Mollie Vandor, Sr. Product Manager, Publisher Platform at Twitter.

What is the Collections API?

The new Collections API allows users to collect the best, hand-selected Tweets into a single grouping of content. This collection of related content contains a unique Collection ID, powered by Twitter’s Collections API, and can be easily embedded and shared in rich, responsive, media-forward formats—for both web and native mobile apps. Simply put, this functionality offers an easier and more effective way to integrate Twitter content beyond the social network to power and enhance storytelling on the relevant digital channels while extending the reach and engagement of your brand with the right people, at the right time.

How is the Collections API integrated into the Wayin platform?

As a Collections API launch partner, Wayin has integrated this powerful storytelling functionality within our platform for a seamless user workflow to make building and distributing great stories with Tweets easier and more efficient for our customers.

The full power of Wayin’s flexible, real-time search platform is available to help curators find, understand and collect relevant and engaging stories which can now publish directly into Twitter’s Embedded Tweets on iOS, Android, and Web. This exposes the content on Twitter for users to find and easily share or embed across the web. Existing content organized within Wayin can be “pushed” to Embedded Tweets, as well, and Wayin’s rich workflow and automation capabilities reduce curators’ ongoing need for manual efforts. Finally, these collections of rich content can be harnessed to create dynamic Wayin visual experiences—across any digital screen.

What does this mean for the Wayin user community?

The new Twitter Collections API integration is available as of today for current Wayin customers, and the new capability will give curators the unique capabilities to:

  • Flexibly find, understand context and publish compelling Twitter stories and insights faster and more efficiently with the most complete and easy to use real-time search
  • Refine curated content by understanding author relevance and influence with Wayin’s unique and exclusive complementary data sources including Klout, Freebase and Wikipedia
  • Tell the most personalized and persuasive story for audiences with enhanced content insights including sentiment, gender and geo-location context
  • Minimize the ongoing workload of curators with sophisticated rules and workflows, allowing curators to leverage all available data insights to automate the curation process in its entirety or to “the last click” of approval
  • Extend the reach of curated content across all media types – including web, mobile, in venue and broadcast—with both out-of-the box and customizable integrations with Twitter’s Embedded Tweets on iOS, Android, and Web
  • Measure and prove the value of enhanced curation to give curators detailed insights into the impact and return on their investment


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