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Wayin Listed In ‘50 Best Companies to Watch In 2018’

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The Silicon Review, one of the world’s foremost digital and print publications for business and technology professionals has listed Wayin in its prestigious ‘50 Best Companies to Watch in 2018’ lineup.

Like Wayin, Silicon Review understand that there is a schism at the heart of what marketers want from their traditional web content management systems.

On the one hand, marketers will always require the ability to control and lock down published content to the website, with features such as auditing versioning, workflows and user journeys that are optimized for conversion. As well as more granular functions like A/B testing and elements of personalization. But this is merely a framework that supports known buyer personas and telegraphed consumer journeys from website hit to conversion.

“Marketers need technology that allows them to easily build interactive marketing destinations on their website, as well as on other digital channels, allowing them to respond to all the ongoing demands to support product launches, events, seasonal campaigns and promotions that happen throughout the year.”

The Silicon Review earmarked Wayin as ‘one to watch’ because they support the other half of the marketers’ job specification: creating interactive marketing destinations that amass first-party data, drive user-generated content submissions and increase sales conversions. For this, marketers need design flexibility, a rapid time to value and marketing destinations that are creative, interactive and inspiring.

That’s why leading brands and media owners like Coca Cola, Reckitt Benckiser, Bauer Media, NFL and HP to name but a few augment their Web CMS with Wayin.

As the traditional web content management industry is disrupted by the evolution of Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) it is easy to see why Wayin has built great relationships with the leading DXP vendors in Sitecore, IBM and Adobe. DXPs are focused on helping customers build impactful, personalized experiences that go beyond web to support true omni-channel engagement, a shared vision with Wayin.

Wayin slots in to help marketers easily and rapidly create embeddable marketing experiences, that are interactive, inspiring, and collect first-party data.

You can check out my full interview with The Silicon Review here.

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