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How Wayin Enriches The Adobe Exchange Partner Program

Richard Jones Zero-Party Data

In an era hallmarked by digital disruption, there is a wealth of digital opportunity. One can either be the now defunct Blockbuster video store or Netflix. The equally bygone HMV, or Spotify, soundtracking the lives of millions.

Agile companies are reinventing business processes and finding new ways to connect with digital consumers – this is the experience era.

In the tech space, the traditional web content management industry is being disordered by the rapid evolution of Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) – platforms which help marketers build impactful, personalized experiences that go beyond web, to support true omnichannel engagement.

Wayin, a Cheetah Digital Company complements the world’s leading DXP providers to empower marketers to rapidly create interactive experiences that collect zero-party data and ask, rather than infer.

As a result, Wayin is a Business Tier partner in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, to address marketers’ demands and facilitate honest, and mutually-beneficial relationships between brands and consumers.

“Wayin explicitly captures zero-party data from customers engaging with their interactive campaigns.” – Cody Crnkovich, Head of Platform Partners and Strategy, Adobe Experience Cloud

Watch this short video with Adobe explaining how Wayin is helping marketers connect with privacy conscious consumers with tangible examples from Shell on how Wayin is empowering them to drive engagement from interactive experiences.

Adobe & Wayin, a Cheetah Digital Company from Adobe Partners on Vimeo.

Wayin works with Shell to enable them to get closer to their consumers with a range of interactive experiences that allow them to understand their preferences, motivations and desires, collecting that data to deliver more personalized marketing.

Whether a sweepstakes, instant win or questionnaire, Shell are leveraging Wayin’s Experience Library of pre-built interactive experiences that incorporate incentive mechanics quickly and easily collect zero-party data at speed and scale.

“The success we’ve had so far is great. We’ve got all our key markets on the Wayin Platform and we’re seeing great results in terms of engagement and conversions.” – Chris Muskett, Head of Digital Campaign Technology, Shell


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