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Wayin Launches Video Upload To Drive User-Generated Content Collection

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The benefits of proudly displaying user-generated content are clear: you maximize consumer trust, increase brand relevance and drive on-site engagement. UGC-powered websites are proven to see decreases in bounce rates, higher click-throughs, longer dwell time and boosts in website traffic.

But it’s not merely #nofilter selfies and wanderlust-inducing vacation snaps that power UGC sites, video content can have the same effect.

However, until now fans were required to upload their video content to a third-party site like YouTube or Vimeo, then submit a URL via a form – a user-experience disconnect

The Wayin Solution

Video Contests from Wayin empower brands to seamlessly gather rich media user-generated content in video format directly from fans. Allowing fans to easily share the best moments captured on video with no requirement for a YouTube or Vimeo link.

All videos can be uploaded directly to a Wayin experience, then simply moderate and publish to galleries, social walls and collages and encourage fans to vote for their favorite to take engagement that little bit further.

Putting The Theory Into Practice:

Whether it be to boost game-day excitement, encourage fan conversation or build community engagement, no industry is better poised to take advantage of the engagement opportunities from video content than the sports industry. Sports brands can capitalize on rich media user-generated content from fans to deliver high impactful experiences.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports joined forces with Royal London to launch a video contest, giving fans the unique opportunity to bowl against former England Captain, Nasser Hussain during the lunch break of an England one-day international cricket match.

Sky embedded a simple form, where participants could submit a small amount of PII data as well as directly upload their video file to complete their submission.

To repurpose the rich user-generated content from fans, Sky Sports also featured the top five bowling clips in a TV advertisement and online promotional video. The first-party data collected would be later used for future marketing efforts.

Sky Sports Video Upload


UEFA launched a video contest to find Europe’s best soccer freestylers. The winner who displayed the best flicks and tricks will win the incredible opportunity to perform their routine with Skillzy, the official UEFA EURO 2020 mascot, live on-stage, and broadcast to millions worldwide at the EURO 2020 competition draw.

After capturing their routine on camera, competitors could seamlessly upload their video using the direct video upload mechanic along with submitting a small amount of PII data. Each participant then received a Wayin-powered email notification to confirm their entry.

Upon moderation, all entries were published to a gallery for website visitors to browse and enjoy.

UEFA Video Upload

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