West Ham United Showcases Interactive Video Content To Kick Off The New Football Season

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To kick off the new season, West Ham United F.C. published a video-central, interactive social wall to its website, featuring a selection of entertaining fan videos showing off their ‘home kit walk-ups’.


  • Integrate an engaging space within its website for fans to browse and get involved with
  • Use the dedicated hashtag #WeAreWestHam to inspire fan social conversation and maximize campaign reach
  • Reward loyal fans for their lasting commitment and continuous support throughout the season


As a way of thanking fans for their dedication, club loyalty and continuous support throughout each season, West Ham United F.C. is putting its fans in the spotlight for its most recent Wayin campaign. West Ham United has created a voting-enabled ‘Home Kit Walk-Ups’ gallery, where fans had the opportunity to channel their idols and show their own version of players’ walk-out graphics.


To drive interaction and to help create the videos, West Ham United set-up a green screen in one of London’s shopping centres, encouraging fans to get involved and show off their best iconic West Ham ‘hammers’ pose. After collecting entries, West Ham United hosted the content on a video-central #WeAreWestHam social wall, ready for website visitors to browse, tweet and share with their friends. To maximize online engagement across all West Ham United fans, voting capabilities were utilized within the social hub, where fans could vote for their favorite hammer pose.


A selected number of entries were then incorporated into a short form piece of video content on West Ham United’s official Twitter page, with the team’s final addition revealing that the club had signed a new goalkeeper, England’s Joe Hart.

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