West Ham United Launches In-Article Team Selector To Boost Fan Engagement

Jessica Williams Sports

As the Premier League season gets into full-flow, West Ham United is driving fan engagement with its latest in-article, interactive team selector. Fans could get creative and build their own dream West Ham United squad by selecting their favorite players and creating their own formations; providing powerful insights for West Ham to understand the most popular players for future marketing initiatives.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Capitalize on the Premier League season to boost online engagement amongst West Ham United fans
  • Drive customized formations and selector tools to provide powerful insights on the most popular players
  • Use social sharing actions and a bespoke asset to maximize campaign reach and awareness

Team Selector Solution

As part of its newly launched team selector campaign, West Ham United is asking fans to put themselves in the dugout and start choosing their starting line-up. Featured within its latest article as part of its weekly match preview, fans can begin to build their squad, starting with their team formation. Fans can select one of the 7 dropdowns provided to customize their formation, before working their way through each position and selecting their favourite players.

Participants can then select where they wish to position each player to generate a unique squad formation. Participants are also encouraged to share their squad with their friends using the social sharing actions provided to drive further engagement and maximize campaign reach.

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