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Where Wayin Fits In Leading Brands’ Marketing Technology Stacks

Richard Jones CPG, Media & Publishing

The Wayin Zero-Party Data Platform is not only a business tier partner of Adobe, but has relationships with all leading DXP vendors to empower marketers at leading brands to build impactful, personalized experiences that go beyond web to support true omni-channel engagement.

We enable non-technical marketers to quickly create interactive marketing experiences that collect zero-party data. Experiences that gather the data, insights, and permissions they need to power personalized marketing across all stages of the customer lifecycle. Pushing this data seamlessly and instantly into marketing technology stacks. Here’s where we sit with two of the worlds’ leading brands in CPG and publishing.

AB InBev

From Budweiser to Becks, Cas to Coors, AB InBev’s family of beers have been bringing people together for over a century.

Although AB InBev enlists Adobe as it’s Digital Experience Platform, it requires a platform to complement it, and deliver short-lived, data-collecting interactive experiences that capture preferences and purchase motivations at scale.

The Wayin Zero-Party Data Platform empowers AB InBev to rapidly create marketing experiences that build meaningful connections with its customers. So rather than inferring, they’re asking what consumers look for in a beer, and what motivates them to purchase, helping AB InBev remain the world’s largest brewer in an uber-competitive and ever-evolving market.

Wayin sits at the centre of AB InBev’s marketing tech stack, firing rich audience insights into it’s CRM, loyalty platform, DMP, ad server, commerce engine and other platforms.

AB InBev Tech Stack

The Telegraph

The rise in online consumption has shaped the publishing industry we experience today. Consumers demand high-quality, free content at the click of a button. This expectation is contrasted with rampant ad-blocking and declining print circulations.

For over 150 years, The Telegraph has managed to navigate these changes and find new and innovative ways to connect with readers. As its readers have become banner-blind to shouty digital ads, The Telegraph has leveraged the Wayin Zero-Party Data Platform to deliver experiences over interruptions – collecting the data it needs to enrich its commerce and sales tools.

Wayin is at the heart of The Telegraph’s marketing stack, integrating seamlessly with its advertising, social media, content, commerce and analytics platforms.

The Telegraph Tech Stack

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