User Generated Content White Paper: The Social Tipping Point

Jack OldhamLast Updated: White Paper

Hot off the press, here’s our latest white paper that serves-up our thoughts and research on the fundamental impact that user-generated content (UGC) is having on consumer brands (and what they should be doing about it).

These changes have been caused in no small part by the rise of smartphone adoption, the ubiquity of mobile broadband and the explosion of social networks. It’s these three factors that have led to consumers around the world creating and sharing experiences on Twitter, rave reviews on YouTube, aspiration on Pinterest and inspiration on Instagram.

Today, savvy brands are taking¬†advantage of this authentic, credible and persuasive UGC to socialize their websites, e-commerce, social and mobile channels. And, more importantly, they’re mixing this earned content with their branded content to drive audience acquisition, boost engagement and optimize sales conversions.


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So, if you’d like to get our take on UGC and the transformative power it can have on consumer brands, why not download the white paper today?