Wide Open Spaces Introduces Multi-Network Photo Contest In Partnership With Under Armour

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Wide Open Spaces has teamed up with sports retailer, Under Armour, to create the ultimate go-to location for anglers everywhere. By publishing a multi-network photo contest and social hub to its website, Wide Open Spaces is featuring the very best authentic UGC for visitors to browse and share.


  • Utilize the dedicated hashtag #UAFishPhoto to inspire social conversation and UGC creation
  • Maximize campaign reach and engagement using multiple routes to entry
  • Capture valuable audience data and marketing opt-ins
  • Maintain its website reputation for being ‘smart, funny and engaging’ by creating an interactive experience for visitors
  • Use partnership to maximize campaign awareness and increase audience reach


With the warmer weather starting to kick in, the time for fishing is more popular than ever, and outdoor-loving hunting and fishing website Wide Open Spaces has introduced a multi-network photo contest to capture all the action. From hours of freshwater fishing, to boat fishing deep within the ocean, Wide Open Spaces is encouraging fishers to show their best catch of the day to prove that a little determination can lead to big results. To incentivize entries, Wide Open Spaces is even giving away a prize pack of brand new fishing wear and accessories to three lucky winners, provided by sports retailer Under Armour. And, to drive traffic to Under Armour’s website, a view ‘more fishing gear’ call-to-action is included on the prize information page.


To get involved, and for the chance to win one of three exciting prize packages, participants can submit their best shot using one of three routes to entry; Twitter, Instagram, or directly through the form provided. To enter through Instagram, participants are simply required to upload their image using the hashtag #UAFishPhoto, and by tagging @UAfish, whilst submissions through Twitter must include the hashtag and @UnderArmour. Alternatively, to enable Wide Open Spaces to capture valuable audience data that can be reused in future marketing promotions, submissions through the form require participants to submit their personal details, where they can also ‘opt-in’ to receive the latest news and offers from Under Armour.


Post-submission, all entries received through any of the three options can be filtered, curated and published to the social wall for website visitors to browse, be inspired by, and share with others.


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