Yellowstone Vacations Recommends Personalized Itineraries Based On Quiz Results

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To boost interaction and engagement amongst website visitors, and to inspire vacation bookings, Yellowstone Vacations has published a personality quiz to its website. On completion of the quiz, participants are provided with a description of their ideal trip tailored from their quiz results, and are also in with the exciting chance to win their Yellowstone winter dream vacation!


    • Maximize online engagement through entertaining seasonal content
    • Provide trip recommendations based on quiz results to drive bookings


With plenty of adventure opportunities, beautiful scenic landscapes, and being home to hundreds of animal species, Yellowstone National Park hosts a wide range of activities to suit everyone. To drive visits and inspire interest, Yellowstone Vacations has published an interactive quiz to its website for visitors to get involved with. In return for their participation, visitors even have the chance to win their dream Yellowstone winter vacation based on their activity preferences.

From adventure interests and travel companions, to lunch plans and evening activities, participants can work their way through four fun-filled questions based on their personal preferences. To submit their entry and for the chance to win, participants are required to then submit their name and email address, and can opt-in to receive the latest news and offers from Yellowstone Vacations.

Upon submission, participants are then provided with their own recommended vacation, specifically tailored to their activity preferences from their quiz responses. To maximize campaign reach, participants can also share their results with their friends and family across Twitter and Facebook. To further inspire vacation bookings, Yellowstone Vacations has even included a ‘book now’ call to action, encouraging visitors to make their bookings directly from the site, and has embedded a social wall below the quiz for visitors to see what others are talking about on their #YellowstoneVacations.

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