Disrupting The Agency of the Future

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Agencies are in the throes of technology-driven operational changes and restructuring for a client-centric future in which there will be many more competitors from outside the agency world.

In this webinar you will learn about the most disruptive technology to impact the ‘Agency of the Future’ and how it can be harnessed to displace competitors, strengthen client retention and open up new compensation models.

“Agencies need to have the ability to create different bundles of services based on client needs, not what services agencies have to sell.” Brian Wiener, Executive Chairman 360i.

Learn how to:

  • Deploy an App Store model for your agency and your clients, saving all your creativity and digital experience builds into bundles of services you can re-sell and reuse
  • Get smarter with data by capturing vast quantities of first party data on behalf of your clients to feed into your segmentation strategies
  • Be at the forefront of technology changes in the evolution of the ad unit

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Craig Hepburn
Global VP of Digital
TATA Communications


Andy Jacobs
Digital Agency Veteran
CTO and Managing Director


Richard Jones

Featuring techniques and real examples from some of the biggest agencies:

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