Forrester, P&G and others have rung the bell for changes in the ad ecosystem. These changes are actually huge opportunities for brands to get more from their advertising spend and for publishers to deliver more value to the brands that invest with them.

Join Wayin, Forrester, Scott McNealy, SAP and more as we discuss these latest changes.

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17th October
9am – 5pm
Skyloft | london




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Keynote #1: Helping Advertisers And Publishers Thirsty For Interactive Brand Experiences
Speaker: Richard Jones, CEO Wayin

Moving to an advertising world where interactive experiences deliver a value exchange for consumers becomes the norm (rather than the exception) might sound challenging but it doesn’t have to be. In this talk, Wayin’s CEO will share how leading publishers and brands are changing their infrastructure and processes to meet this challenge and the results they are achieving.


Keynote #2: Making Advertising Relevant Again
Speaker: Johann C. Freilinger, Head of Marketing and Co-Founder of SAP Exchange Media

In this keynote, Johann will outline the future of advertising for publishers, advertisers & agencies in a dynamic media market that is hallmarked by new market participants and disruptive technologies. The call for higher transparency, control & efficiency is becoming louder every day, while conversely publishers face the challenge of monetizing their cost-intensive content. With the backdrop of increasing consumer skepticism about digital advertising & the Google & Facebook duopoly.
So what do new technology driven models look like that will regain consumer confidence, increase transparency & efficiency, while consolidating and creating new revenue opportunities the same time?



Keynote #3: What a Customer Experience-Centred Business Will Look Like in 2020
Speaker: Ved Sen, Digital Evangelist, Tata Consultancy Services

Ved Sen has found himself working on the interface between business and emerging technologies from the mid 1990s and the emergence of the internet. In that time he has worked in start-ups and large businesses across multiple waves of technology evolution and has learnt to identify some of the patterns of transformation. In this session, Ved will look to create a challenging picture of what success will look like in 2020. Needless to say, this will imply a customer centred and digitally mature business, but what does that mean for structure, culture, leadership, strategy, products and differentiators?


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Keynote #4: The End of Advertising As We Know It
Speaker: Samantha Merlivat, Forrester

Today’s society doesn’t need advertising in the way it used to. People have less time for interruption-driven media. Discover why Forrester believes top CMOs will unravel the final threads of advertising as we know it, taking as much as $2.9 billion away from display advertising in the next year. Effectively shifting billions from ad interruptions to digital interactive brand experiences.


Keynote #5: A Little Story About Innovation
Speaker: Scott McNealy, Founder and CEO of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Join legendary Silicon Valley CEO Scott McNealy as he discusses how innovation has changed different industries for the better and what brand marketers, advertisers and publishers can do to embrace change. The future is bright for advertisers and publishers when innovation is focused on improving the consumer experience by better combining creative thinking and new technological capabilities.


Discussion and Q&A with Samantha Merlivat from Forrester and Scott McNealy

Forrester analyst Samantha Merlivat is joined by Scott McNealy to have an in-depth discussion around Forrester’s latest research and to dig deeper into the impact technology is having on advertising and consumer behaviour. The session will end with an audience Q&A session facilitated by Wayin’s CEO Richard Jones.



Tuck into a tasty lunch to refuel



Roundtable Group Discussion & Debate

For this session we will be splitting up into two streams. One stream will discuss the industry challenges facing brands and the other will discuss the industry challenges facing media owners. This roundtable will give delegates the chance to discuss and compare their perspectives, challenges, insights, opportunities, strategies, and solutions peer-to-peer.

Track 1: Brands Round Table
Discussion theme: The opposing forces of digital strategy and data compliance.

Track 2: Media Round Table
Discussion theme: The top challenges media owners have enabling digital sales.



A summary of key findings, takeaways and discussion points that emerged from the roundtable sessions facilitated by our table moderators.


Afternoon coffee break



Panel: Consumer Digital Engagement: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
Panelists: Scott Seaborn, Aimia Inc, Craig Hepburn, Tata Communications and Mark Challinor, Trinity Mirror

Join us for a panel discussion featuring leading representatives from the media and brand world as we discuss what impact the changing face of digital engagement will have on the future. There will also be an opportunity for a Q&A that will be chaired by Wayin’s SVP Paul Reader.


Keynote #6: The Competing Forces of Data Strategy, Digital Engagement, and Privacy
Speaker: Ian Jarvis, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Zakian Digital

Having spent the last 25 years embracing digital and data insights, Ian Jarvis takes to the stage to talk about the benefits of having a data strategy in place, the key components of data strategy, as well as the most common challenges of implementation. He will then explore the journey brands are taking to offer their customers more digital interactive experiences as a means of increasing customer engagement but also as a means of acquiring critical data. Finally, he will share his perspective about how data strategy and digital engagement strategy must be governed by GDPR.



Closing Remarks and Wrap Up

As the day draws to a close, Paul Reader and Samantha Merlivat from Forrester will recap on the event sessions and showcase some key takeaways, looking into what the findings means for today’s marketers.



Event concludes


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Scott McNealy

Co Founder of Sun Microsystems and Silicon Valley Legend

Scott Seaborn

A Digital Transformation Leader.
Most Lately With Aimia Inc & Previously Group Head at Ogilvy & Mather Group

Mark Challinor

Digital Commercial Director & Media Professional. Most Lately With Trinity Mirror plc

Samantha Merlivat

Forrester Analyst Serving Marketing Professionals


Technology evangelist & Global Vice President Digital, Brand & Creative Services at TATA Communications

Paul Reader


Johann C. Freilinger

Head of Marketing and Co-Founder of SAP Exchange Media

Charlie Crowe

Founder and Chairman of C Squared and The Festival of Media, presenter of the CNBC show Marketing.Media.Money

Ved Sen

Digital Evangelist
Tata Consultancy Services UK

Richard Jones


Ian Jarvis

Co-founder & Managing Partner of
Zakian Digital

More to come!


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