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Platform Enhancements: Launching Email Notifications and New Page Designer Functionality

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Whilst the majority of us have been catching some sun, slapping on the factor 30 and enjoying one too many ice-creams, the Wayin engineering team have been hard at work, developing not one, but two new pieces of functionality for you to enjoy this week.

First off we have email notifications allowing you to send an automated response when certain events happen within experiences you have created.

Second up, is new page designer functionality, enhancing performance and improving user experience. Here’s the nitty gritty of what they have to offer:

Email Notifications

email notifications

Whether you’re running an exciting giveaway, curating some stunning UGC, offering a coupon code or leveraging any number of the Wayin app experiences, email notifications allow you to keep users in the loop, improve engagement and offer top notch customer service.

Running independently from your marketing automation tool, when a user submits an entry, send them an instant email thanking them for their submission along with any relevant information. Or drop an email to one of your internal teams informing them of a submission. Key functionality includes:

  • Confirmation – ping your user a confirmation email, thanking them for their submission, a coupon code or perhaps a reminder of some pertinent t’s & c’s
  • Internal – fire an internal email to the relevant team when a user submits feedback, a query or requires support
  • Moderation – send out an email to a contest entrant when an item of UGC has been published, letting them know their entry is live and it’s time to get their friends voting for them


Page Designer

page designerAlthough we’re pretty happy with the Wayin page designer we know there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we’ve developed new functionality that will further enhance user experience and lay the foundation for some amazing new capabilities that will continue to be released throughout the year.

The new usability enhancements make it faster and more intuitive to build pages than ever before. The latest batch of updates include:

  • Improved layout, with pages running down the left-hand side of the screen
  • Tablet and mobile view letting you see how your experiences will look on different devices
  • Ability to change multiple pages and preview your updates without having to save
  • Improved grouping and descriptions of modules that you can add to your page

We’re always improving the Wayin platform and delivering exciting new app experiences. If you have missed any of the updates, head to the App Store page where you will find all the resources you need.

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