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Why Brands W0n’t Survive Without Interactive Experiences

Digital advertising isn’t working. Find out why brands need to deploy interactive marketing experiences to engage today’s savvy, digital consumer.


The Final Frontier of Marketing Waste

Digital marketing is undergoing monumental changes. Join Scott McNealy and Richard Jones as they discuss new and unique ways to deliver interactive experiences.

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365 Days of Marketing Campaigns

Discover an array of highly effective digital marketing campaigns that enabled 20 well known brands to engage consumers all year round.


10 Successful Travel Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital transformation has empowered travel consumers. How will you engage the always-connected traveler on the digital path to purchase?


12 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas

Marketers prepare all year for the holiday season. But with every brand clamoring for consumers’ attention and dollars, how can you stand out? Here are 12 ideas.


5 Proven Marketing Tactics To Drive Digital Revenue

Learn how media owners and publishers are applying five marketing strategies to stay one step ahead in an ever-evolving industry.


Engage Sports Fans With Interactive Experiences

Greg Ferraro from MLB Advanced Media examines the marketing challenges impacting the sports industry and offers solutions for brands to keep today’s sports fans engaged.

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Proven Strategies to Build Brand Love

Find out how today’s top marketers are creating long-term customer relationships by leveraging users’ most persuasive social content.


6 Ways to Use Instagram for Brand Marketing

The top 50 brands on Instagram are driving incredibly effective results. Learn their approaches to drive acquisition and conversions.


Digital Marketing 2016: Social Persuasion

Get inspiration to spark upcoming digital marketing campaigns with real-world examples from top brands that have mastered the art of social persuasion.


Increase Bookings With Interactive Experiences

Learn how Hawaiian Airlines used the Wayin platform to ramp-up lead generation, curate authentic UGC, and boost web traffic to increase bookings.


12 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies

Based on Wayin’s work with leading brands, these proven strategies will help marketers to overcome top challenges and dominate today’s digital landscape.


The Rise of Data-Driven Marketing

Learn how many brands and publishers are adopting a data-driven marketing approach to surpass their peers in the ever changing marketing world.


UGC: The Social Tipping Point

Two-thirds of the content in the digital universe is created by consumers, not corporations. Learn how smart brands are taking advantage.