Turn one-off purchasers into loyal customers through interactive experiences

Learn how to:

  • Offer a value exchange through a range of interactive digital experiences that engender loyalty amongst your customers
  • Adopt corporate responsibility programs that boost brand affinity
  • Leverage incentive mechanics that increase spend per customer

95% – up to 95% increase in profits by improving customer retention by just 5%

This playbook will show you how to re-think engagement and stop customer churn. Turning one-time purchasers into lifelong loyal customers. It is possible to foster this loyalty using interactive experiences intentionally designed to improve customer retention and increase spend per head.

Digitally savvy consumers expect to be entertained, engaged and receive something in return for selecting your brand over the competition. Brands can deliver this through interactive experiences that offer a value exchange in return for your customers’ loyalty. Corporate responsibility schemes, live events and the such can do just that.

With heightened competition, major brands doubling down on their investments, and disruptors offering rock-bottom prices to steal market share, a good product is no longer all it takes. Marketers who focus on delivering excellent personalized interactive digital experiences will rise above the noise.

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