New Year’s Resolutions For Brands

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What makes customers break up with a brand? How can you make sure that you don’t lose a customer to a competitor?

Join FullContact CEO and Co-Founder, Bart Lorang and Wayin CEO, Richard Jones in this on-demand webinar, as they discuss where brand loyalty stands today. Learn the importance of cultivating a human to human relationship and employing effective customer listening to give your customers a better interactive experience.

Start the new year strong with these simple yet impactful resolutions that will make it easier for customers to stick with your brand.

Key Learnings:

  • 78% of Millennials say brands have to work harder to earn loyalty, but you first need to understand why they are breaking up with brands in the first place.
  • Understand your customers at a deeper level to build a brand experience where leaving is never even a thought.
  • Encourage engagement through interactive experiences. But the right amount so that you intrigue your customers and don’t annoy them away from your brand.

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Bart Lorang
CEO and Co-Founder, FullContact

Richard Jones
CEO, Wayin

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