Wayin App Store Launch: Introducing Data Enhancement

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Following our recent partnership announcement with leading customer insights platform, FullContact, we’re proud to announce our new ‘Data Enhancement’ app, helping you to segment and create more personal interactions with your customers. So get yourself into the App Store for more information and start having a play around. And if you are yet to sign up, request a free trial and experience it first hand!

Data Enhancement

Thanks to our preferred data enrichment partner, FullContact, our new data enrichment app offers powerful APIs and services to enhance your database with 360° insights about each of your customers, using simply their email address. The app allows you to receive personalized insights into your customers harnessing data from over 120 different social sites. These insights can then be used to segment your database to deliver even more engaging experiences by understanding your customers at the most granular level.

Use this enhancement to help meet the following campaign objectives:

  • Enrich your 1st party data by appending your contacts with social, demographic, psychographic, affinity and interest data
  • Consolidate knowledge of a customer’s identity across multiple channels
  • Eliminate hard email bounces, reduce spam complaints and minimize fraud
  • Deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time
  • Maximize your campaign ROI by turning insights into action


If you have missed any of the App Store updates, check out our website page where you will find all the resources you need.

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